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Child Right's

The entry point of GUIDE in the field of development and rights protection was through supplementary education to children.

We want to ensure

  • The rights of children to life
  • The right of the child for livelihood
  • Right of the children to development

Right to life for children starts from the status of fetus. The rights of the yet to be born to have healthy fetus life (maternal health, pre natal health etc); the protection of child as infant (care of lactating mother, infant mortality and morbidity, cover against infections through vaccination etc) and rights up to the end of the adolescent age (healthy food for children especially for girl children on par with the boys), protection against psychological and physical dangers (ill treatment at school, domestic violence, sexual harassment on the way to school and at the school), psychological risks (similarly) and economic risks (refusing financial support for courses on par with boys) and social risks (ill treatment as child of so called lower caste) etc.

Right to Livelihood for adolescent girls who are not able to continue education due to financial conditions  of the family to have justified job opportunity (payment on par with the male workers in the same occupation, protection against ill treatment including sexual harassment) and right to continued earning even if married.

Right to Development is the access to commons and environment that is safe to enjoy the childhood (environment free of all kinds of pollution,  poison free food and healthy living environment)