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Dalit Right's

Our concern mainly is of the women from the dalit families (scheduled castes and scheduled tribes) though we are open to women and children of all economically marginalized families and our main concerns are

  • Right to life
  • Right to livelihood and
  • Right to Development

We are helping women protect themselves against threat to life in the name of social hierarchy (caste based discrimination in food, caste based sexual harassment, caste based work place harassment, discriminatory treatment at police station etc)

Right to livelihood, we help these women to prevent occasions where the livelihood opportunities reduced or denied on social hierarchy basis (low priority to education and employment requiring technically qualified jobs, reduced importance to NREGA that employed unskilled labourers, demand for sexual favours to continue in profession or to have promotion / increment etc).

Right to development as dalit women is protected by helping them to have access to commons (puramboke lands, benefits of trees in common, water of ponds, small forest produces etc) in equal or prioritized space for dalit women and rightful space to prevent / compensation of destructive development (pollution in commons, total deprivation of commons in favour of corporate etc)