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Development Rights

Under Right to Development, we want women to have access and control over local resources (local common lands, outcomes of trees in commons, water from common water sources etc) on priority and regulation of any activity that affects the quality and quantity of the availability of these (sand mining, polluting the river etc).

For Fisher Communities, through Right to Development, we want all aspects meant to further their skills (enlisting as Scheduled Tribe to have reservation to education and employment and in all bodies making decisions on fishers / fisher related environment) and regulation of all so called development activities that are detrimental to their well being (industrial development on the coast, privatization of sea and coast, letting industrial pollution into the sea, projects that deny access to traditional occupation sites) etc.

For Children, Right to Development is the access to commons and environment that is safe to enjoy the childhood (environment free of all kinds of pollution,  poison free food and healthy living environment)

Right to development as dalit women is protected by helping them to have access to commons (puramboke lands, benefits of trees in common, water of ponds, small forest produces etc) in equal or prioritized space for dalit women and rightful space to prevent / compensation of destructive development (pollution in commons, total deprivation of commons in favour of corporate etc)