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GUIDE has always looked at every environment and ecological concern with a human face: consideration of its impact on the marginalized communities, especially the women.

Thus the demand for judicial excavation of sand from the river bed and top soil from the farmers’ lands as per the minor mineral concessional rules, removal of tank silt with machines breaking the bunds, letting in the industrial pollution (tanneries, dying units etc) into river bed and in common lands and excessive ground water extraction from the river bed for potable water supply to the Chennai, nearby industrial units, letting pollution and residues of desalination plant into the sea and excessive use of chemicals in agriculture – are all based on its impact on the marginalized communities of the women around .

Climate change and global warming are our concerns, as they cause torrential rains the cause landslides (depriving access to forest resource to tribal), fill up water bodies (reduce water for irrigation of poor farmers), affect crops by flooding and heavy drought (loss to poor farmers) and rising sea level (coast erosion, destroying beach space and houses of poor fisher people) and the like.

Positively, we have helped the women to form local units of resource protection committees with involvement of men on equal level to protect local ponds, trained them to be involved in joint farming on organic means and produce organic input that can be sold to other like minded farmers.

Women used Palar Protection Movement, a network of village level resource protection committees, to reach some of these achievements