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Fisher Right's

Families of Fishers, both those fish in the sea and in the other inland waterbodies and those who belong to the traditional fisher communities though not actively fishing have to be protected on

  • Right to Life
  • Right to Livelihood
  • Right to Development

Right to Life:-

The threat they suffer both man made (cross border arrest, natural disaster impacts, precarious travel of fisher women hawkers on non common transport, lack of rest room facilities in sales places) and the like are to be address

Right to livelihood:-

Threatening actions (encroachment of fishing areas by mechanized boats and non ecological fishing gears, lack of financial support for non land holding fishers, lack of proper fuel subsidies, lack of transportation for fish hawker women, lack of financial support for them for augmentation of entrepreneurship) and the like are addressed

Right to Development:-

Through Right to Development, we want all aspects meant to further their skills (enlisting as Scheduled Tribe to have reservation to education and employment and in all bodies making decisions on fishers / fisher related environment) and regulation of all so called development activities that are detrimental to their well being (industrial development on the coast, privatization of sea and coast, letting industrial pollution into the sea, projects that deny access to traditional occupation sites) etc.